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21st September

Join us for the System Reset Experience, an unparalleled event designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. This immersive wellness journey will empower you to rediscover your true self, fostering breakthroughs and self-healing. Throughout this transformative experience, you will learn and integrate powerful tools through breathwork, meditation, sound healing, and ecstatic dance.

Event Highlights

Self-Healing Power
Delve into the extraordinary self-healing capabilities by recalibrating the water systems within your body. This process fosters happiness, harmony, and balance within your cells, promoting a profound sense of well-being.

Elevated Consciousness
Engage in guided breathwork, meditation, and ecstatic dance to elevate your consciousness. This experience is enhanced by group coherence, a live DJ, and led by the renowned Breathwork Expert, NOA|AON, ensuring a powerful and uplifting journey.

Transformative Enchantment
Immerse yourself in the magic of live sound therapy and a heart-opening cacao ceremony. These experiences are designed to deepen your emotional and spiritual connections, promoting significant personal growth.

Master Emotional Resilience
Learn to master trauma release, emotional resilience, relationship harmonization, and true abundance. These skills are essential for overcoming personal challenges and achieving a balanced, fulfilling life.

Unleash Your Potential
Utilize cutting-edge biohacking technology to unlock your full potential. This aspect of the experience focuses on enhancing your physical and mental faculties, empowering you to live your best life.




Embark on a profound journey into the realms of Nada Yoda: The yoga of sound with Chintan Uphadyha in residence at Chilham Castle. Our renowned maestro will lead participants in an exploration of Dhrupad, the ancient meditative practice, and the transformative vocal exercise of Aakar.

Experience the principles of Aakar, a singing practice that invites participants to align mind, body, and voice through deep listening and conscious presence. Explore the nuances of breath work, body alignment, and mental focus as you cultivate inner alignment, emotional release, and vocal transformation. No professional music experience required and beginners are welcome.

Chintan Updadhya is a student of Pt. Uday Bhawalkarji whose lineage traces back 20 generations from Master to Student from the Dagar Gharana. He is the director of the Alembic Dhrupad Foundation and has years of experience in the practices of Dhrupad.




As summer draws to an end, celebrate this celestial milestone with world renowned speaker and Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer, Marissa Peer, who will lead an intimate session uncovering the transformational properties of the equinox.

- 3 Night stay
- Full board provided
- Limited number of spaces available

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jazz by the lake

15th august

Join us for an unforgettable evening with live jazz by the lake at Chilham Castle.
Bring your own rugs, blankets, and seats along with your favourite picnic. Alternatively you can pre-order picnic boxes prepared by the local school PTA.
Enjoy an evening of great music and stunning views.

N.B: Free entry for the residents of Chilham village

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