Chilham Castle Event Hire Chilham Castle Event Hire Chilham Castle Event Hire

Just 50 miles outside of London and less than an hour by train from Kings Cross station, Chilham Castle is an inspiring venue and parkland for any exclusive event.

Whether it is a corporate retreat, a luxury getaway, private gatherings, or film shootings, our team will work with you to create a unique and bespoke experience that will have your guests talking about Chilham for years to come.

From wellness facilities to private access to over 300 acres of grasslands, including a lake and a forest, Chilham Castle offers mindfulness retreats, luxury venue hires, and everything in between.

Your exclusive hire gives you unparalleled access to a 16th century Jacobean mansion and grandeur gardens. Spread across 10 wings on 3 floors, our in-house team ensures the comfort of your own home, along with every desire fulfilled, brought to you in a historical castle. Get in touch to learn more.