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Park & Garden Tour Details

Park vehicles at the foot of Taylor’s Hill & walk up to main gate.

Enter the grounds for a short introduction – & warnings about hazards & restrictions on photography of the old castle keep

Outline of changes to the forecourt since the middle ages, including the stables which stood here for 200 years

Walk along drive, turning left to lawn in front of old castle keep for part 1 of mediaeval history – skimming the first two centuries.

Continue past 19th century stables, turn left onto grassy bank south of old castle keep, for part 2 of mediaeval history – the next 200 years.

Out through stable gates, to the crown of the park to consider the location of the Jacobean house & possible factors behind its unique design (including ancient mathematics, astronomy & William Shakespeare)

Viewing the terraces which survived the depredations of Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Down across the Chestnut Avenue past the site of the icehouse & ruined cricket-pavilion/gazebo to encircle the lake for an account of the historic landscape of the park – Colebrooke’s 18th century Broad Walks & “claire voie” & Hardy’s 19th century adaptations, major tree-plantings & his lake.

Up the hill past the garden of the “Elephant” house (second optional extra – if time & energy allow – southwards along bowling green & back, along the middle terrace to savour once more the gardens & that magnificent view) Head for the main gate through the quiet garden to the kitchen garden & the gardeners’ yard.

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